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I am a fledgling writer with a primary interest in writing historical fiction. It’s what I also love to read the most. I’m mainly interested in the Middle Ages, Elizabethan England, the Reniassance, and the late 1800s/early 1900s. I’m hard at work doing research for a book set in medieval Wales so any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

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Lenora Rain-Lee Good

Looking to read historical fiction with an emphasis on something other than European or the more well-known aspects of American history? Want to introduce kids to historical fiction, too? Check out Lenora Rain-Lee Good’s works for both adults and young adults!Filed under: Other Neat Things to Read Tagged: china, historical…

Nick Bowen

Looking for some more uplifting and inspirational reading? Check out some chapters from upcoming books from Nick Bowen as well as his poetry.Filed under: Other Neat Things to Read Tagged: inspirational, nick bowen, poems

Darin Kennedy

Like magical realism? Not sure what that is? Like fantasy with a surrealist twist? Then check out Darin Kennedy’s books including The Mussorgsky Riddle which I just last month.Filed under: Other Neat Things to Read Tagged: darin kennedy, fantasy, magical realism

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