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I currently am writing my first novel, the story of a German Jew who departs for South America at the dawn of the Third Reich only to find he is unable to escape his identity and history.

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Fact and Historical Fiction

There are many things I miss about college, but footnoting research papers is not one. I’m old enough to have used a typewriter, which meant the inevitable missed key, followed by pints of Wite-Out and plenty of finagling with the platen. (Historical note: That’s the roller that feeds the paper.)…

Reclaiming a Lost Legacy

The letter sat at the bottom of my mother’s closet inside an old shopping bag, tossed among yellowed photographs, her Cuban passport and her American citizenship papers. It was written in German, a language she didn’t speak, but she kept it because it was addressed to her father, who died…

No Boxes

I did a little experiment earlier this year. I posted a rather sexy selfie on Facebook. Anyone who knows me well knows a) that is not at all like me and b) my account certainly must have been hijacked. I only became a proponent of the selfie within the past…

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