Denise DiFulco

About me

I currently am writing my first novel, the story of a German Jew who departs for South America at the dawn of the Third Reich only to find he is unable to escape his identity and history.

From my website

The Art of the Journey

About a decade ago, frazzled from working at home with an infant and toddler, I decided to take a day for myself. I could have gone for a massage or hit the mall, but instead, I did something that at the time was entirely uncharacteristic: I went to a retreat…

Writing on a Different Page

In recent years I’ve discovered how important it is for me to have a physical outlet. I can be a fairly emotional person, and all the feelings that accrue as we go about a day—happiness, anger, passion, peace, outrage, frustration, cheer, lust—often beg for release. Some of that energy gets…

Failing at Success

Years ago, I was absorbed by Ken Burns’ documentary about the expedition of Lewis and Clark. Among the things that stands out all these years later is a quote Burns pulled from Meriwether Lewis’ diary on the occasion of his 31st birthday.             This day I completed my 31st year……

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