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High School English Teacher – retired. Legal Secretary at present. Co-Editor of Modern American Literature Encyclopedia, Continuum Press, 1995. Associate Editor of Fiction HNS. Book and short story reviewer.

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The Major's Daughter: A Novel by J. P. Francis

The Major’s Daughter: A Novel.  J. P. Francis. Penguin Group (USA). July 2014. 400 pp.  ISBN#: 9780452298699.Collie Brennan and her father, Major John Brennan, are now living in Camp Stark in New Hampshire.  They’re getting ready to house German prisoners of war, a new role neither has experienced previously.  Major…

Fast Track:A Novel by Julie Garwood

Fast Track: A Novel.  Julie Garwood. Dutton Adult: Penguin Group (USA). July 2014. 352 pp.  ISBN#: 9780525954453.Cordelia Kane sits by her father’s hospital bed, knowing he is dying and hearing from his lips shocking words.  Her mother, who was thought to be dead, is alive and well.  After her father’s…

The Last Summer by Judith Kinghorn

The Last Summer. Judith Kinghorn. NAL Trade. December 2012. 464 pp.  ISBN#: 9780451416636.Clarissa Granville introduces the reader to idyllic world of her home, Deyning Park, an English country home of the aristocracy.  She spends her days learning to be the proper English wife of another upper class gentleman but the…

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