Debbie A. McClure

About me

Canadian author of paranormal romance/murder mystery, In The Spirit Of Love, (Echelon Press, Nov 2012) Debbie McClure was born the first of four children in London, Ontario, Canada.

With the much anticipated sequel, In The Spirit Of Forgiveness, in the final editing stages, it is slated for release in the Spring of 2014 (Echelon Press). In addition, she is working on an exciting new project; an intriguing, fact-based historical novel, The King’s Consort–The Louise Rasmussen Story. Set in Denmark during the mid-1800s, The King’s Consort is the story of a woman who rose from obscure poverty as the illegitimate child of a seamstress to become a noted ballerina with the Royal Danish Ballet who falls in love with the heir to the Danish throne, Prince Frederik VII. Despite severe opposition, civil unrest, and outright hostility from the nobles, the two marry and change the course of a nation forever. It is a story of love, triumph, and the importance of following the heart.

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