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Author of DANCING AT THE CHANCE and THE BELLY DANCER, both from Berkley/Penguin.

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What Went Right During the Book Launch (and What Didn’t)

 It feels like release day for SHIMMY FOR ME was just yesterday…wait, it was yesterday! And I wrote all about it for this week’s installment of Confessions of Indie Pub Girl at Lit Central O.C. I am an indie author. Whew, it feels good to say that now, after so many…

It’s Release Day!!!

It’s the official launch of SHIMMY FOR ME! The ebook is available at Amazon for $1.99 And the paperback will be along shortly — just as soon as the Amazon technicians break up the computer gremlins’ belly dance party.    

Exciting Blog Tour News!

Oooh, look how much fun we’re going to have! I’m thrilled to say Abby, Derek, and the whole SHIMMY FOR ME gang will be featured at these fine reader blogs on Wednesday: 1: Bunny’s Review 2: Harps Romance Book Review 3: Romance Novel Giveaways 4: Our Wolves Den 5: DRB1stChp Blog…

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