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David Potter developed a love for American history as a boy growing up near Morristown, New Jersey, where George Washington spent the winters of 1777 and 1779. He was inspired to write The Left Behinds while taking his children to the annual Christmas reenactment of Washington’s Crossing the Delaware.

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Democracy In Action

The other night I attended the monthly meeting of my local school board – I donated a few copies of “The Left Behinds” to the elementary and middle school libraries.   I was intending to present my donations to the board, get my picture taken with the Superintendent of Schools…

Why I wrote “The Left Behinds: The iPhone That Saved George Washington.”

Recently I’ve been asked what inspired me to write “The Left Behinds: The iPhone That Saved George Washington.”  Well, I live in the very town that Washington and his men crossed over to back in 1776, and every Christmas Day there is an annual reenactment of this historic event.  Thousands…

Taxes, The Tea Party, and The Whiskey Rebellion: Part One

If you want to understand America, I suggest a good place to start is Western Pennsylvania. In 1794. One thing will become “perfectly clear,” to quote  former president Richard Nixon: folks really don’t like to pay taxes.  This isn’t a big newsflash, of course, but it’s not just today’s Tea Partiers or the original…

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