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I run a website that specialises in naval and nautical fiction set during the Age of Sail historicnavalfiction.com
The site also includes listings for non-fiction works and more modern nautical fiction

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Review: The Unfortunate Isles by M. C. Muir

M. C. Muir's The Unfortunate Isles is the fourth novel in her 'Under Admiralty Orders - The Oliver Quintrell Series' and starts with Quintrell and the Frigate Perpetual back at sea after a long stay at anchor in Gibraltar. Badly in need of careening they find a sheltered cove in the Azores,…

Review: The Guinea Boat by Alaric Bond

Alaric Bond's The Guinea Boat is the second novel he has written which departs from his Fighting Sail series. It is based around Hastings on the South Coast of England during the Peace of Amiens of 1803. The narrative switches focus between two young men, Nat and Alex, initially strangers who meet…

Review: The Threat in the West Indies by Roger Burnage

Book three of 'The Merriman Chronicles', The Threat in the West Indies, continues the now familiar mix of naval action and espionage. Merriman is now in command of the new three masted sloop Aphrodite with orders to sail to the West Indies where he is to be under the orders of the…

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