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I run a website that specialises in naval and nautical fiction set during the Age of Sail historicnavalfiction.com
The site also includes listings for non-fiction works and more modern nautical fiction

From my website

Gallagher's Prize (K)

Joseph O'Loughlin recently released his debut novel about the War of 1812, Gallagher's Prize. It is available worldwide for Kindle download. At the beginning of the 19th century, British global military power oppressed, outgunned and eventually invaded the young United States of America during the War of 1812. How did America…

Nelson's Band of Brothers (HC)

Peter Hore has a new book available for pre-order in Hardcover, Nelson's Band of Brothers: Lives and Memorials. It will be released on 30 may 2015 and in the US on 15 June 2015. While there is a perennial interest in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic wars and in Nelson…

The Myth of the Press Gang (HC)

J. Ross Dancy recently released a new book available in Hardcover, The Myth of the Press Gang: Volunteers, Impressment and the Naval Manpower Problem in the Late Eighteenth Century. The press gang is generally regarded as the means by which the British navy solved the problem of recruiting enough seamen in…

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