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I run a website that specialises in naval and nautical fiction set during the Age of Sail historicnavalfiction.com
The site also includes listings for non-fiction works and more modern nautical fiction

From my website

Cuckold Point (HC/K)

For those following the related series about a Thames river policeman in Napoleonic times, Patrick Easter's latest book, Cuckold Point, will we realeased in hardcover in the Uk on 2 April 2015. It will also be available for kindle download for overseas readers. October, 1799. A century is coming to…

Review: The Shantyman by Rick Spilman

If you want to be taken to the deck of a clipper in the mountainous seas of a southern ocean gale, Rick Spilman is the author for you. His description of life at sea in such vessels are vivid and bring to life the conditions faced by the officers and…

Review: Eleanor’s Odyssey by Joan Druett

At the height of the Napoleonic wars East Indiamen faced the perils of a long hazardous voyage and enemy privateers to bring the wealth of the far east back to England. Shortly after the war ended the The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China, and…

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