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Heavily influenced by his favourite authors, C.S. Forester and Bernard Cornwell, he constantly strives to inject the same authenticity, colourful characters and gripping story telling into his own work. He hopes however, it is his own unique writing style that will please the readership of what has become a very popular and demanding fiction genre.

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5th North American Conference | Event | Historical Novel Society

5th North American Conference | Event | Historical Novel Society.

What did Revolutionary War soldiers have in their pockets?

  Reblog from the National Museum of American History: supplied by Marko Zlatich, a longtime volunteer in the museum's Military History Department.  Powder horn from the colonial era etched with map of New York. Revolutionary War soldiers did have pockets. There were two larger pockets in the outer coats, two in…

Top two designs for War of 1812 monument unveiled

  Adrienne Alison and Brian Cooley with their respective designs for a War of 1812 monument to be erected on Parliament Hill: The two finalists in the design competition were unveiled on Wednesday. Photograph by: Bruno Schlumberger , Ottawa Citizen OTTAWA — At first glance, the major difference between the two…

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