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A small publishing company with several imprints, including children’s, fiction, and nonfiction.

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In the Spirit of Things

Serendipity is so much a part of Bedazzled Ink that it’s a part of our business plan. So we weren’t surprised to discover that the two books we published in August both deal with the spiritual in some way. The Empath by Jody Klaire is the first book in her…

The Submission Game

Bedazzled Ink has dabbled on and off through the years with allowing unsolicited submissions. We’ve never had much luck with the process and so we’ve mostly relied on serendipity to acquire books. Amazingly enough, serendipity has worked very well for us. When we created our latest Web site we added…

Mothers and Daughters

Back when we published our zine, Khimairal Ink, we’d get a bunch of submissions and sort through them and select the best ones for the next issue. We focused on things like was it a good story and was it well-written. Then when we had our little pile of stories,…

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