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A small publishing company with several imprints, including children’s, fiction, and nonfiction.

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The Rest is Silence . . . Or Is It?

“The rest is silence” is perhaps the most famous of the famous last words uttered by a fictional character, but the rest wasn’t silent because Horatio and Prince Fortinbras kept talking after Hamlet died. I’ve always found that kind of amusing but it also made me think about the nature…

A Nurse, Vigilante, Rabbit, Poet, Lobster, and Dog Walk Into a Bar

. . . and wonder why they haven’t partied together before. Then they decide to take over the pool tables and are politely asked never to return to that establishment again . . . Fortunately, they’ve found another place to hang out, where they’re not only welcome but where they…

Winter Solstice Musing

It’s the shortest day of the year or the longest night–however you wish to look at it. It’s the day where we experience and celebrate an extreme in nature. An extreme that is also the beginning of hope, that each day will now grow longer and let more light into…

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