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CJ Fosdick is a freelance writer, editor, journalist with short stories published in 3 anthologies,plus Seventeen, Woman’s World,Far West and Writer’s Digest, etc. She writes for her local paper and a Woman’s Magazine, has judged contests and awards including the 2012 Minnesota Magazine Publisher’s Association. She also belongs to Women Writing the West (WWW)and RWA.

From my website

The Booger Chair Comes Clean!

  It rocks, it swivels, it began life as an orange tweed baby-rocking perch and grew into a re-covered family legend--after I learned about its nickname from my oldest daughter. Nestled in a bright corner of our living room, it has become the creative writing throne for the family author…

Deer Feeding Time at Mount Pegasus When the Deer run out of cornthey go for the bird feeder. 

KC's Giant Books and Lawrence of Arabia

Embassy SuitesPublic Library    In a city paying architectural homage to literary giants, it was quite fitting that Women Writing the West gather on Oct. 11-13 for their annual Conference. Kansas City, Missouri is known for its fountains, steaks and buried treasure, but one wall of their Public Library commands…

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