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Cindy Thomson is a writer and an avid genealogy enthusiast. Her love of history and her Scots-Irish heritage have inspired much of her writing, including her new Ellis Island series. In addition to books, Cindy has written articles for numerous online and print publications. She is a mentor for the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild and a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and the Historical Novel Society. Cindy and her husband have three grown sons and live in central Ohio. Visit her online at

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Collections of Beautiful Libraries

Finding the Coolest Libraries I like my library, but it hasn’t made any lists yet. I thought about writing a post on the coolest libraries in the country, but the truth is, I haven’t been to them all. There are lots of other bloggers out there posting about cool libraries.…

Libraries in America at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Let’s Go to Library! How many times have we said it? Most of us can get to our local library within minutes and check out an armful of books and movies. We can ask a librarian to look something up for us, even while we’re at home on our computers.…

6 Novels Genealogists Will Love

But wait, might there be more than six novels genbuffs will enjoy? First, don’t shoot the messenger. There are surely more than six novels someone researching their genealogy will enjoy, but these are some that come to mind for me, and in case you haven’t read them, I hope I’ll…

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