Chiara Prezzavento

About me

I’m a published historical novelist and playwright in Italy, and a reviewer for HNR – as well as an avid reader. Now I’m trying my hand at historical fiction and theatre in English.

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The Shakesperience etc.

I tend to be sceptical of enhanced ebooks when it comes to fiction, because it seems to me that the enhancements get in the way of the creative side of reading, by interfering with the reader’s imagination. Nonfiction and study-guides, though, are horses of a different colour. For instance The…

The Shape of Things to Come

Nina is the director in one of the companies I write for – not the one with the Centipede. She called me the other day, and summoned me, because we had things to discuss. Several things. So I reported to a sort of green-room meeting, and found Nina positively sizzling…

Drawing Books

I’ve always wanted to draw – and it rather pains me that I cannot. But really, I couldn’t draw to save my soul. I usually live with my lack of drawing skills, but now and then it will up and bite me.  At times it is all about a wish…

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