Chiara Prezzavento

About me

I’m a published historical novelist and playwright in Italy, and a reviewer for HNR – as well as an avid reader. Now I’m trying my hand at historical fiction and theatre in English.

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Brontë Factions

I consider myself very much a Brontë fan – a love sparked both by the sisters’ novels and by Juliet Barker‘s fine, huge, rich, incredibly detailed biography of the whole family. By and about these three extraordinary sisters and they wayward brother, I’ve read all I could lay my hands…

Weekly (Radio)Drama

Ah, the good old Beeb! Look under Podcasts and Downloads, and you find this page, where you can download or listen to a new radiodrama every week, to “exercise your imagination with some of the best writers and actors on radio.” A new episode is uploaded every Friday, and is…

Dead And Living Ned

I came across John Masefield in what I suspect is the usual way: through his Salt-Water Ballads. It was by sheer serendipity that I happened to read Sea-Fever just as I was researching my Ink and Salt Water play… The contrast between the yearning in the poem and the unsuccessful…

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