Chiara Prezzavento

About me

I’m a published historical novelist and playwright in Italy, and a reviewer for HNR – as well as an avid reader. Now I’m trying my hand at historical fiction and theatre in English.

From my website

The Tale of the Nail

English is my second language, I love it madly – just as madly as I love English literature and history. I was lost to anglophilia at a very early age, I read in English more than I do in Italian, I spent years in several parts of the British Islands,…

Talking Shakespeare

I turned forty yesterday, and my mother threw a surprise party for me, with a crowd of theatre and non-theatre friends, and we laughed, and sang, and improvved well into the wee hours, and the wine was very good – so today I am slightly vague… You won’t hold it…

Paris Stamps

“Suppose you keep a journal,” I was told once. “And suppose you have, for each day, just the back of a postage stamp. A largish one, if you like, but all you can jot down is one sentence. One place, one person, one image, one impression – it doesn’t matter.…

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