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I grew up in Southern California and fell in love with writing because my parents wouldn’t let me play with the neighbors. I started college as a creative writing major, but my father told me that he would never pay for a degree in something that wouldn’t earn a paycheck so I became a historian and history teacher (AP U.S. history). I live in Colorado where I spend time with my wife and son, seek representation for my novel THE DOGS OF HELL, research my next novels WAKARUSA and DUTCH, write book reviews for HNS, and write/edit curriculum (social studies) for various for- and non-profit organizations.

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But They’re a Christian Band–Part Two

Convincing mom to go to Maranatha was as easy as convincing an old woman in Kansas that God needed her to give money to a televangelist. She was always reading Bible study books and she was good for needing more … Continue reading →

On writing–language and bias

If you haven’t accepted that words have the power to manipulate, take a look at this headline recently from the Huffington Post: Here’s a link to the article in question. Shame on UPS, you “heartless” evil corporation. Its what the … Continue reading →

The Supreme Court confirms politics is bought

I see where Nancy Pelosi is complaining about the Supreme Court decision to uncap campaign donations. She said this in her weekly radio address: “Is this supposed to be a money war? Is that what this is?” Pelosi said at … Continue reading →

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