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I have published Year of Disunion: A Novel of the Dawn of the American Civil War. (Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.) This novel tracks the life of a family in 1861 as the Civil War begins. I have studied 19th Century American history and culture for many years, including a 1992 PhD in 19th Century American Literature from the U Colorado at Boulder. My academic career included several years as faculty at NC State University and some visiting assignments at the University of North Carolina. I chose to leave academe for industry over fifteen years ago, and have built a career around marketing, training, and business writing. I founded my own consulting company and now balance my time between consulting and fiction writing. I have just finished another novel, set in 1811, that includes some magical realism. The memory of my grandmother, Anya Seton, inspires me to keep writing.

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Only Victims and Villains? Evolution of Slavery in America, Part I

As I grew up in Upstate New York, on a main line of the Underground Railroad and near the Harriet Tubman Home and Research center, I learned the lessons of slavery from the point of view of the Yankee victors. I spent the first several decades of my life knowing only that…

Dressing for 1861 – Wearing a Corset

When I was preparing for my full-costume author visit to Manassas in honor of the sesquicentennial last year, I wanted to be as authentic as possible.  I have described in a previous post how the hoop crinoline was actually surprisingly comfortable and freeing to wear (, and I have promised…

Southern Views of What Really Started the Civil War, Part I

Introduction – Moving from North to South For my past three posts, I have been discussing Northern views  of potential causes of the war and and have covered how impacts of Cultural & Economic Pressures, the rise of the Abolitionist Movement,  and disputes about Federal vs. States Rights shaped Northern…

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