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Literary historical fiction has always been favorite reading for Barbara Stark-Nemon, whose debut novel, Even in Darkness, is set in Germany, the US and Israel and spans the entire 20th century. As a writer and author, Barbara is fascinated with the process of bringing family stories to the page,in fiction and nonfiction.Her recent interest has been WWI and WWII and alternative Holocaust narratives. Barbara writes about the joys and challenges of incorporating real people and events in fiction while honoring truth, protecting privacy and creating legacy. When not writing, Barbara can be found cycling, running, swimming, gardening, creating fiber art,and enjoying her family in Ann Arbor, and Northport, Michigan.

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Goodreads Reviewer

Much has been written, both fiction and non-fiction, about World War II, Germany, the Nazis, the Jews, the Holocaust. Barbara Stark-Nemon's debut novel, Even in Darkness, is one of the most compelling that I have ever read...This story of a woman of incredible strength is an unforgettable must-read.  

Carol Bumpus- author of A Cup of Redemption

  Barbara Stark-Nemon’s premier novel, Even in Darkness, is a compelling story of a German-Jewish woman whose formidable life takes her through the years of the Holocaust in Germany to the present. Based on the life of Stark-Nemon’s great-aunt, Kläre Kohler is an unforgettable character whose daily acts of kindness…

Launch Time Love for your Writer Friend

Writing is a solitary business, and friends and loved ones can be a great support, especially during the days leading to a book's launch.  Here's my list of wonderful things my friends have done to help smooth the path to launch day. Feel free to add ideas to the list!…

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