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Literary historical fiction has always been favorite reading for Barbara Stark-Nemon, whose debut novel, Even in Darkness, is set in Germany, the US and Israel and spans the entire 20th century. As a writer and author, Barbara is fascinated with the process of bringing family stories to the page,in fiction and nonfiction.Her recent interest has been WWI and WWII and alternative Holocaust narratives. Barbara writes about the joys and challenges of incorporating real people and events in fiction while honoring truth, protecting privacy and creating legacy. When not writing, Barbara can be found cycling, running, swimming, gardening, creating fiber art,and enjoying her family in Ann Arbor, and Northport, Michigan.

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We Are Here...An Appreciation

Ellen Cassedy’s memoir We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust charts her journey to her family’s past and her own reckoning with what she finds. Full disclosure: As the author of Even in Darkness, which tells the story of my German family’s unusual Holocaust survival, I was already a…

Quiet Stories Run Deep - The Quiet Americans by Erika Dreifus

I rarely come to an author’s fictional work as a result of reading her contributions in the blogosphere, periodicals, or on social media.  It usually works the other way. I read a book or story that I like, and then explore more about the author.  I “met” and came to…

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