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Barbara A. Andrews,a graduate of the University of Nebraska, is an active enthusiast and writer of Historical Fiction set in early America. She creates award-winning fictional stories inspired by historical events blending the real with fiction the lives of men and women who were actually there.

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Alzheimer's victims need to keep their mind occupied, otherwise you can't imagine the mischief they can andwill get into.  Throughout the disease's progression, some of the mind stays in the real world.  Problem is, we don't know which part.  A bored, agitated patient is more than unpleasant to handle, so…


After a hiatus from writing for six months tending to the earlymedical needs of my husband, I'm settling in and blockingtime for writing.  I've missed my friends at my writers' group, book clubs and stitchery group.  I' M EXCITED -- I'm ten chapters in a new project and my muse…

ALZHEIMERS -- A Demon on a Scooter

Four years ago when my husband, Bob, lost his mobility to drive a car, he found thethrill of driving at our local Randall'sstore: The in-store scooter!  His second favorite  hobby was eating so what bettermatch than going grocery shopping on a scooter.The Randall's store is on the way to the YMCA where I exercise…

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