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Barbara A. Andrews,a graduate of the University of Nebraska, is an active enthusiast and writer of Historical Fiction set in early America. She creates award-winning fictional stories inspired by historical events blending the real with fiction the lives of men and women who were actually there.

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PILGER, NEBRASKA, Small Town, Big Memories

The town of Pilger, a small village near Humbug Creek, in Stanton County was largely destroyed on the afternoon of June 16, 2014.  However, the memories of Pilger and of my family roots can never be destroyed by a tornado.  Growing up in Nebraska, tornados were a rather common threat,…


A number of individuals finding on Amazon my historical novel,  DearMama, Love Sarah, tell me of their new-found awareness of theprofound effect the Revolutionary War had on families, such as thefamily of Reuben Simpson.  The focus of the story is Sarah Sherrillwho found herself in the untenable position of her…

90's the new 60's -- The Longevity of our Ancestors

The fastest growing segment in our population is the individualsentering their 90th (and above) years.  My previous blog, "Amazing, Really Amazing" highlighted such an individual. You need to know more about Bernice Steele! She and her daughter visited my sister, Rose, recently.  They got totalking about Dear Mama, Love Sarah.  We have to…

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