Autumn Barlow

About me

I am developing a new (2012) imprint of John Hunt Publishing, called Top Hat Books. I’m a lifelong fan of historical fiction and a freelance writer of short fiction and non-fiction, and hope to publish a broad range of historical fiction from around the world.

I’m also a historical re-enactor, and a Managing Editor for a US ebook company.

From my website


There has been a draft in my blog’s dashboard for about half a year. It’s called “saying no” and it’s languishing there, never quite ready to be published. Saying no to work is hard. Saying goodbye is also hard. It’s a time of endings and a time of assessing what…

Social Media – Worth The Hassle?

I’ve been thinking about promotion, marketing and publicity a lot over the past month. I’ve talked about it before, and how some authors get a little defensive when you speak of targeting an audience. This time, I’m thinking about how I find and connect with my audience. I see a…

Trying To Keep Up!

It’s been a busy few weeks and things have occasionally got a little overwhelming. I have a week-to-view diary and I write deadlines in here, and gradually each day fills up with a to-do list around it. It’s become a mass of scribbles and I was feeling panicked every time…

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