Annina Luck Wildermuth

About me

I write/ illustrate Picture Books & creative nonfiction. I especially love Byzantine, Medieval and Early European history. Huntington, New York.

From my website

Medusa the Monster Princess & the Nine-headed Hydra

Medusa ran until she was well ahead of the monster and could turn and stare it down. Just like that,  the monster turned to stone.

Which dalmatic would your imperial highness like to wear?

Princess Anna, the oldest daughter of Emperor Alexios I & Empress Irene, has to get dressed for her betrothal, and a dalmatic or over-tunic with patterns and jewels, is a must. As a side note to these Byzantine characters, I am so excited to be attending the Bologna Children’s Book…

An Important Lesson…

Young Harry enjoys his rough and tumble life in a Welsh castle as the ward of Lord Herbert until he receives an unexpected visit from his mother Margaret and his uncle Jasper. They give him an important lesson in genealogy, and he learns that he has a strong claim to…

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