Annina Luck Wildermuth

About me

I write/ illustrate Picture Books & creative nonfiction. I especially love Byzantine, Medieval and Early European history. Huntington, New York.

From my website

A Strong Byzantine Woman: Anna Dalassene

Anna Dalassene was the grandmother of Anna Komnene, one of the most famous women historians of all time, author of the Alexiad. As a little girl, Anna K loved hearing her father’s stories about how strong and smart her grandma was. In this story, Anna Dalassene outfoxes two envoys sent…

Medusa the Monster Princess

Medusa was a naughty princess. She did not always play nicely with other children…

Madame La Manatee Swimming

Madame La Manatee is taking a dip in the Lethe River in the Underworld hoping to forget that she is stuck being Queen for six months. To cheer herself up, she’s wearing her newest gown by Erté ;)

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