Annina Luck Wildermuth

About me

I write/ illustrate Picture Books & creative nonfiction. I especially love Byzantine, Medieval and Early European history. Huntington, New York.

From my website

#GreekDinner in the Hall of the 19 Couches…

Last week when people around the world celebrated #GreekDinner via Twitter, I thought about my Byzantine princess from the 12th century. She grew up in the great palace in Constantinople, and there was a banquet room there called the Hall of the 19 couches. I don’t know exactly what it…

What if?

As I’ve been researching the art of ancient Crete and Mycenae, I came across a lot of seal impressions that depict scenes from everyday life. I’ve always enjoyed creating decorative art, especially floor cloths and decorated pots, so I decided … WHAT IF I had discovered a Minoan gold seal…

Rough paintings of King & Queen of Crete

First versionSecond version I’m trying out slightly different ways of presenting this scene, but the next one is going to be better yet. Have to be patient with this….

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