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About me

I write historical novels for older YA as well as short stories. Favorite eras include the Middle Ages in Germany, the Wild West in New Mexico and the Vietnam war. I also enjoy writing about WWII, but from the perspective of German civilians.

My first YA historical novel A DIFFERENT TRUTH will be in stores and online in March 2015.

From my website

Taking the Leap

This morning I was reading on the Writers Unboxed blog about how readers who don’t like the book you wrote may post bad reviews. The author talked about the content kicking off the reader’s imagination and that sometimes a reader is just not taken by a story. Whether it’s not…

Would You Like Some Styrofoam with Your Doughnut?

How Chain Hotels Poison Us and the Environment This post is a bit off my usual subjects, but I’m feeling pretty strongly about it so I wanted to share. Lately I’m traveling quite a bit, staying in typical mid-range hotels. I’ve been annoyed for a while now about hotel breakfasts.…

Patience and Perserverance

In March 2012 I submitted a travel story to goNomad, a pretty well-known online travel magazine. At the time I was still into writing travel stories and I’d developed a longer piece about a trip we took with our friends, two American couples, to Germany. For a good two weeks…

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