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Reader, blogger, aspiring novelist and English language teacher. Love historical fiction, Jane Austen, Austen sub-genre, historical fiction romance, language and languages.

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Women’s history books – Yay!

Has anyone tried this series? It looks good! Lives of American Women I’ve got the Rebecca Dickinson title by Marla R. Miller. Isn’t it so nice to find academic books that are readable and accessible and zoom in on the women of American history and their experiences?

Armchair literary tours?

I just discovered the Street View feature of Google Maps. What a kick! I took a tour of a Hungarian city that I last visited 20 years ago. It brought back so much of the flavor of the place for me, and I thought, ‘What a great tool for traveling…

National Geographic has jumped on the Outlander bandwagon!

  What fun! It’s not every novel that feature as comfortably as a mass market paperback, shiny new cable series, TV Guide cover story, and legitimate National Geographic Magazine material. Fictional Outlander Series Has Real Links to Scotland’s Newly Unearthed Neolithic Ruins.

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