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Reader, blogger, aspiring novelist and English language teacher. Love historical fiction, Jane Austen, Austen sub-genre, historical fiction romance, language and languages.

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Bookstore Discoveries.

I love to discover new places to buy books, particularly used books. I’m finding there’s a charm in used bookstores that regular stores just don’t have. And, I love that organizations can benefit from used book sales. It’s a win-win for reader and seller alike. Actually, it’s more than win-win…

Boston is creating a Literary Cultural District: here are a couple of the places where Louisa May Alcott lived

anievan:I’m reblogging this from the Louisa May Alcott Is My Passion website. Isn’t this super-exciting!!!!!!!!! Thank you to the author of that blog, Susan Bailey, for sharing it with the internet! Originally posted on Louisa May Alcott is My Passion: I am very excited about this since I live an hour…

Used Bookstore Fun Find!

I confess that I’m one who collects different editions of the same book if that book has some kind of significance to me beyond the usual. Here’s an Outlander that was apparently a freebie for someone, but it’s not an Advanced Reading Copy, since there are several subsequent Outlander series…

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