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Reader, blogger, aspiring novelist and English language teacher. Love historical fiction, Jane Austen, Austen sub-genre, historical fiction romance, language and languages.

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Used Bookstore Fun Find!

I confess that I’m one who collects different editions of the same book if that book has some kind of significance to me beyond the usual. Here’s an Outlander that was apparently a freebie for someone, but it’s not an Advanced Reading Copy, since there are several subsequent Outlander series…

My Outlander love letter on this Valentine’s Day.

I forgot to post a link to this earlier this week! It is a post I wrote on Heroes and, a FUN romance fiction website. Photo Source: “Outlander is kind of a love letter to, well, love. But it is also a love letter to the novel form,…

Why does Isabel Allende need to apologize for observations on contemporary mystery fiction?

Here is her statement quoted on NPR’s site. “The book is tongue in cheek. It’s very ironic … and I’m not a fan of mysteries, so to prepare for this experience of writing a mystery I started reading the most successful ones in the market in 2012. … And I…

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