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A nonfiction manuscript editor by day, but a historical fiction junkie, book reviewer, Indie and mainstream press book blogger, and HNS staff member by night!

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Review of Revolution Baby by Joanna Gruda

Julek is literally a child of the Revolution. After the Polish Communist Party decides in 1929 that Comrade Helena Rappaport may indeed carry her baby to term, but not raise him, Julek begins his journey from family to family, relatives to strangers, boarding school to summer camp, Poland to France…

Historical Fiction Daily-for anyone obsessed with the genre

A daily online newspaper of all the historical fiction news, compiled by Richard Lee, founder of the Historical Novel Society (in other words, our guru!) can be found at It’s basically a time-saver. News comes first to Twitter, but you’d have to follow a huge number of accounts and…

Review of The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street by Susan Jane Gilman

I don’t generally use the term “riveting” in my reviews, as it has become so common amongst reviewers that it has turned cliche. However, I am at a loss to find another word that describes precisely how absorbed I’ve been in this novel over the weekend. When I steal every…

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