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Historical fiction writer, dog lover, neurosurgeon!

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CV of Julius Caesar: Part 2

Today’s historical story is the continuation of last week’s, titled ‘CV of Julius Caesar: Part 1’. If you haven’t read it, please click here.With the scribe gone in search of the rogue donkey, Julius paced about the bank of the Rubicon. He was disgusted with the Senators. Jealous old men.…

CV of Julius Caesar: Part 1

Julius Caesar strode along the grassy river-bank, his mind churning like the muddy current of the Rubicon. Behind him marched his faithful scribe, followed by a ‘mildly moody’ donkey trotting at a rebellious pace. The donkey kept trying to break free, straining against its reins and struggling to throw off…

The Consulship of Julius and Caesar

Bibulus and his gang stomped through the Forum, pushed people aside, and dashed up the steps of the temple where Julius Caesar had been addressing a gathering. Bibulus stood with his back to Caesar and faced the crowd, fuming.“Go home, you scum. This bill will never be passed,” he yelled.There…

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