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Historical fiction writer, dog lover, neurosurgeon!

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Historical novel blog tour marches to Ancient Rome

Welcome to the next stop in the historical novel blog tour — this time it is Rome in the 1st century B.C. Sincere thanks to Tiffani Burnett-Velez, author of A Berlin Story, for organizing this tour. Each week the blog tour travels to a different era and is a great way…

Have denarii, will travel: time and cost of travel in Ancient Rome

The privilege of transporting readers to ancient worlds rests uniquely in the quill of the historical fiction writer. If readers can be immersed in the fictional world by escaping reality, the story comes alive for them. To create this engaging experience for readers, a writer of historical fiction spends considerable effort…

A lion, a man and a fugitive

The sketch depicts a scene from my upcoming novel based on Julius Caesar’s life (Rome, 1st century BC). Thanks to all my friends on fb who have given their interpretations about this scene. I really enjoyed your comments:Read more »

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