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When not writing about my characters populating Gilded Age Englewood, New Jersey,I herd goats, dream about the 1870′s and try (unsuccessfully) to control my dogs.

From my website

” . . .they were apt to bulge below the waist in front; for, poor dears, they were but human after all, and they had to expand somewhere.”

Learn more about underwear links: Very sensible article about corsets Underwear wars? 7 things women wore under their skirts Underwear video 19th century changing silhouette at the Met Above quote: Gwen Raverat Period Piece

The Little Bank that Could and the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Middlemay Farm:From small beginnings a very nice man opened a bank . . . Originally posted on Beyond the History Textbooks: Amadeo P. Giannini (Source: It’s like something out of It’s a Wonderful Life. A small bank provides a place for small depositors and borrowers to do business in…

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