Adrienne Morris

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When not writing about my characters populating Gilded Age Englewood, New Jersey,I herd goats, dream about the 1870’s and try (unsuccessfully) to control my dogs.

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Gibson Girls, Fade-away Girls, Flappers; Which do you prefer?

Click to view slideshow. “The Gibson Girl first appeared in Life Magazine and rapidly set a standard for feminine beauty that endured for two decades. Gibson drew his tall, narrow-waisted ideal in black and white, portraying her as a multi-faceted type, always at ease and fashionable. He depicted her as…

Indie Novels Are Like Organic Apples

Gentlemen Harvesting Hops and Stories Wednesdays at the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm where I worked were packing days when no matter the weather or the raspberries left rotting on the bush, we met in the cool, dark room to sort and pack pesticide-free, non-migrant labor harvested produce to be…

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