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About me

Adam Alexander Haviaras is a writer of historical fiction/fantasy, trained as an historian and archaeologist in Canada and the UK.

He is the author of Eagles and Dragons, an historical fantasy series set in the Roman Empire. The series includes:

Book I: Children of Apollo (currently available from Amazon)
Book II: Killing the Hydra (available late Fall 2013)
Book III: Warriors of Epona (currently writing)

See the book trailer for Children of Apollo on YouTube at:

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Greek Mythology for Kids – A Lesson and a Story

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a Greek school teacher at the Toronto District School Board to come to her Saturday morning Greek language class to teach her kindergarten and grade one students about Greek Mythology.At first I thought “Wow! Sure! That’ll be great.”Then I started thinking about…

The Timelessness of Arthurian Tales

A couple of years ago, I wrote about a new series I had started watching called MERLIN. As I said then, I was shocked by what I perceived as the ridiculous aspects of the show and how much they had changed the Arthurian cycle. However, after the first few episodes…

The World of Killing the Hydra - Part III - Sarmatian Horse Warriors

It’s been a while since we last visited The World of Killing the Hydra. I’ve been caught up in writing posts about Heraklesand Jason and the Argonauts which, I’m happy to say, have been receiving a lot of great feedback.The myths have great appeal, so I can see why those…

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