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Aspiring author, long time reader.

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shit got real

Last month I read a selection from the novel in progress to an audience. Understand: it was not my first time public speaking (much as I avoid it) or a large crowd (mostly friends/family of my critique group). Even so, those 4 minutes felt seismic. Suddenly this “writing a book” thing became vividly…

plot vs. fact

History does not fit into a tidy 3 act story structure. Or 7 part or 9 part, for that matter. In lieu of writing tons of irrelevant junk I’ve been trying my hand at the dreaded outline, and it’s not going well. Indeed, I would say it’s the hardest and…

critique week

I’ve hit a roadblock. The mood and emotions in my latest section keep eluding me. I’m still hammering out 200+ words a day, but none make me happy and I’m falling into another editing tail-chasing cycle trying to get it just so. I could continue this flailing or get feedback, painful…

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