16th Century

I, Mona Lisa

By Natasha Solomons - Published 2022


I, Mona Lisa is a beautiful love story. It is historical, beginning during the Italian Renaissance, and is narrated from the first-person point ...Read Review

Hex: Darkland Tales

By Jenni Fagan - Published 2022



At 12 noon on 4 December 1591, fifteen-year-old Geillis Duncan was hung as a witch in Edinburgh. She was one of over 70 people, mainly women and ...Read Review

Flint and Mirror

By John Crowley - Published 2022


Historical Fantasy

John Crowley’s Flint and Mirror brims with fascinating, well-crafted history. Sadly, the accompanying magic feels less essential. The story is primarily set ...Read Review

The Dance Tree

By Kiran Millwood Hargrave - Published 2022



Strasbourg, in the long hot summer of 1518. A woman starts to dance in the market square. The dance is relentless, and soon she ...Read Review

The Darkest Sin (Cesare Aldo series Book 2)

By D. V. Bishop - Published 2022



Florence 1537. Cesare Aldo, Florentine crime-fighter in a city with many factions, is sent to investigate rumours that men have been seen climbing secretly ...Read Review


By Ingrid Ramsdale - Published 2021


Emilie is a compelling novel set during the wars between Catholics and Huguenots in 16th-century France.  Emilie, the daughter of a Huguenot nobleman, ...Read Review

The Tudors in Love: The Courtly Code Behind the Last Medieval Dynasty

By Sarah Gristwood - Published 2021



How did fine amour, that social code of romantic behaviour born in 11th-century France, come to define the lives and fate of iconic ...Read Review

Abigail of Venice

By Leigh Russell - Published 2021


1562: in a Lithuanian ghetto, Abigail’s impoverished parents marry her off at puberty to Reuven, a violent, drunken man many years her senior. ...Read Review

The Queen’s Lady: Book 2 (Queens of the Tower)

By Joanna Hickson - Published 2022


This novel follows on from The Lady of the Ravens, although it reads well as a stand-alone novel. It opens in 1502 and portrays ...Read Review

Rizzio: Darkland Tales

By Denise Mina - Published 2021


.Biographical Fiction

March 9th 1566, Edinburgh. Conspirators want to murder Mary Queen of Scots’ suspected lover during a tennis match, but her estranged husband, Darnley, says ...Read Review

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