Volunteer – and get paid!

Not often you hear the words ‘volunteer’ and ‘pay’ in the same sentence, so before we get swamped we’d better explain.

The Historical Novel Society is a non-profit organisation. While there are some exceptions (eg, web designers, printers, some editorial positions, etc.), we do not have a paid staff. No big deal. That’s what volunteering is. Actually a lot of the most necessary and most useful stuff in life gets done by unpaid volunteers, and a lot of it is less fun than what we do.

But… this website is a BIG project. We still have a mountain of reviews that we want to get posted up to the site. This isn’t work-that’s-also-fun, like reading, reviewing and writing. This is posting up other peoples’ words, and managing the integrity of the job. We think that’s different, and it’s something we’re prepared to pay for.

The deal is: $0.50 (US) a review – and no-one’s getting rich doing that! But it’s a worthwhile project. We’ll be creating the best database for historical fiction there has ever been. And your TBR pile will also likely grow!

Mostly we have the electronic copy. It’s a pasting/categorising task, not rekeying. On the other hand, if there are any wonder typists out there (or expert OCR-ists) the oldest reviews will need this too, and we could pay a dollar a pop for that.

Tell us if you are prepared to help.